Ladies, these guys are worth knowing

Many of us would imagine the only reputable bachelors around Plymouth were our degrees, but it turns out there are a few hidden gentlemen strolling through campus that are here to prove us wrong.

Michael Theodore, 20, Accounting and Finance

Michael Theodore

The first of our young bachelors is Michael Theodore. Originally from New York, Michael is now in his second year studying Accounting and Finance. A recognisable face on campus, Michael is often seen competing in university business competitions, such as FLUX, but surely that’s not enough to gain the title of Plymouth’s Young Bachelor?

There’s more. Michael is a keen trader and over the past few years has built up an impressive trading portfolio – he’s clearly listening in lectures. The busy yet footloose young man lives an illustrious lifestyle between Plymouth and London, to which he travels back to for some of the most extravagant nights out many of us could only dream of.

Francesco D’Allesio, 20, Business Studies


This next young man is someone to keep your eyes on. The half Italian visionary is the President of our Entrepreneur Society and has bloody good reason to be in that position. Francesco has run three successful businesses since he was 16 years of age. It’s clearly not just luck for this young man: it’s skill. Or in the words of Francesco himself: “Hustle, is the name of the game”.

He’s also a keen YouTuber, and we were so happy to learn Francesco’s businesses have all aimed to educate. Successful and thoughtful, is this not our winner?

Giles Brown, 20, Marketing


Keen skier Giles is new to the business game, after starting his music and audio business at the beginning of 2015. It is looking very impressive and it shows the Marketing degree is paying off – he is now part of the BETA Enterprise Program.

Giles has also represented the Scottish Exiles, and if he’s not back flipping on skis, meeting clients or playing rugby, what else has Giles done to deserve your vote? Well, like the ultimate bachelor James Bond, Giles has also been shot at in Thailand. Mysterious and entrepreneurial.

Tyler Griffiths, 21, Management, Government and Law

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The next young bachelor is going to be difficult to beat. With a wristwatch collection in the thousands and organising parties from Plymouth to Weston-super-Mare, Tyler lives a life of luxury.

He began managing nightclubs at a young age, so this man knows how to have a great night. He is also a trained cocktail barman, and has travelled round Europe training in some of the most exclusive bars and clubs. Don’t expect to see Tyler without a VIP status in any club, because this man goes all out, all night – whether it’s Mercedes’ club in Berlin or even Oceana Plymouth.

Mikey Swinyard, 21, Accounting and Finance

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Keen surfer Mikey is the final bachelor on our list. At a young age, Mikey began investing his hard earned cash into stocks and shares. This then led to different investments, and Mikey now invests in start-up businesses that he thinks will make a pleasing amount of money: no wonder he found himself at Plymouth studying Accounting and Finance. When most of us were looking at first cars, Mikey was looking at BMWs and Porsches. He is a fine example of the phrase “hard work pays off”.