Is this the biggest student house in the country? Our deputy features ed documents life in Regent House.

‘You live with 32 people?!’

Yes, I do. It’s been one hell of an experience. Here is a low down of how things run in this house:

Regent House

The kitchen is a free-for-all

Everything you arrive with belongs to the house. Forks and plates are priceless. Expect to see a saucepan of mouldy pasta.

We need a cleaner six days a week…

Fridges will be constantly raided by drunks

Drunk people get hungry. With 30 fridges, your food will be stolen at some point. Mayonnaise is gold, as is ketchup.


This won’t help.


You will drink out of bins

Living with so many people means a night out is pretty much a house party, all the time.


Dressing up is the norm.


You will find people passed out around the house

Sometimes people you don’t even know…


Sticky carpet-bed for the night.


Passed out

Even stickier kitchen floor…

Ex-housemates are always visiting

The house frequently has alumni visiting, always up to their usual antics in the sheer excitement to be back.


He likes to get naked…



…as does he.

Everything seems like a great idea

The volume of the house makes any activity justifiable.


You’ll heavily conform to student behaviour.


Christmas is highly anticipated


My favourite time in the house.


You’ll be showering together a lot…

Well, we have duo-shower rooms. Your first time showering in a cubicle next to the opposite sex will be weird. From then on you’ll love it.

Duo Shower

He loves a quick peek.

You’ll make friends you wouldn’t have expected

Weird, wonderful; local or foreign – with such a diverse array of people you’ll find yourselves making friends you never thought you would.


The best aspect by far.

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    This is stupid, im gonna burn it down